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Original Greyhawk Castle Bottle City Poster Map

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Original Greyhawk Castle Bottle City Poster Map

This poster map is the first in a series of premium map prints available off of the El Raja Key Archive. This line of maps will range from 8.5" x 11" all the way up to 22.5" x 33" in size

The map offered here is the Original Greyhawk Castle, Bottle City dungeon level map, a beautiful heavy-stock poster eminently suitable for framing. The printed image of the map measures 18.5 x 22 inches (slightly blown-up from the 17.5 x 22 original) and the outer edge measures 22 x 27 inches.

This adventure was originally located on an upper, core level of the Expanded Greyhawk Castle in a hidden out of the way location. Bottle City is a massive dungeon complex or "city". The complete keys for this adventure are found on the El Raja Key Archive!

This dungeon map is a work of old school art and demonstrates the true genius of master, mega-dungeon cartographer, Rob Kuntz!

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