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OUR LATEST RELEASE, Merlynd the Magician, is a tribute to Don Kaye, co-Founder ot TSR and Gary Gygax's best friend. The booklet comes with three (3) full color and sepia 8.5" x 11" prints. The first 300 orders include a limited signed and numbered black and white 8.5" x 11" print of Merlynd vs. the Balrog, by veteran illustrator Andy "ATOM" Taylor.

The El Raja Key Archive is a treasury of images of Dungeons & Dragons® (D&D®) materials created by Robert J. Kuntz. Rob was there when Dungeons & Dragons was created and with the El Raja Key Archive you have the opportunity of a lifetime to peek behind the veil of history to play and discover what it was like in those early days of D&D through the artifacts of time.

We offer the El Raja Key Archive in four different editions: BASICSTANDARD ● DELUXE ● COLLECTOR. All are compatible with the adventure modules from our Three Little Books Adventure line, and companion maps from our Cartographer's Guild**SALE NOW ON UNTIL CHRISTMAS!** 40% OFF ERKA STANDARD EDITION!

Dave Arneson's True Genius, by Rob Kuntz is now available to order directly from TLB Games.

TLB Games was founded in association with Three Line Studio, publishing company of author and game designer Robert J. Kuntz and his wife, Nathalie.