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TLB Games announces a $10 off sale on all El Raja Key Archive Editions to celebrate the Grand Opening of Three Line Studio! and the release of Dave Arneson's True Genius by Robert J. Kuntz!

TLB Games was founded in association with Three Line Studio to produce the El Raja Key Archive, a treasury of images of Dungeons & Dragons® (D&D®) materials created by Rob Kuntz for the World of KalibruhnOriginal Greyhawk Campaign, and Dave Arneson's Blackmoor Campaign.

Three Line Studio is the publishing company of American author and game designer Rob Kuntz and his wife Nathalie.
Rob was there when Dungeons & Dragons was created and served for years as Gary Gygax's own Dungeon Master as well as his co-DM for the Original Greyhawk Campaign. With the El Raja Key Archive you have the opportunity of a lifetime to peek behind the veil of history to play and discover what it was like in those early days of D&D through the artifacts of time.
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These products are a presentation of original historical materials of game play from 1971 and later.

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons®, Dungeons & Dragons®, AD&D®, D&D®, RPGA®, and World of Greyhawk® are registered trademarks of Wizards of the Coast® and are used only in relation to the author's historical association with those terms. The use of these terms owned by Wizards of the Coast® are for historical purposes under fair-use and make no claim to IP ownership.

All copyright notices, dated 1971-2016, refer to the personal IP of Robert J. Kuntz and are not challenges to Wizards of the Coast's® copyrights or trademarks.
We offer the El Raja Key Archive (in four different editions), compatible adventure modules from our Three Little Books Adventure line, and companion maps from our Cartographer's Guild: