Q: Is the USB able to be added to the DVD purchase for an incremental cost, or is it a full $49.99 additional?

A: Yes, it can be added, simply add a Standard Edition to your order selecting the USB Flash Drive variant above the purple "Add to Cart" button. The price will be $49.99.

Your order would look something like this:

El Raja Key Archive Collector's Edition      $119.99
SKU: 1004

El Raja Key Archive Standard Edition            $49.99
USB Flash Drive
SKU: 1002usb


El Raja Key Archive Deluxe Edition               $99.99
SKU: 1003

El Raja Key Archive Standard Edition          $49.99
USB Flash Drive
SKU: 1002usb

Q: Is it possible to see the full listing of included files for each version of the Archive, or at least to get a count on the number of files for each?

A: The Standard Edition is organized into 295 subject pages with 1045 scans. As an example: the Dark Druids subject page includes two levels: a 1st level with 1 map and 6 pages keys and Level 2 with 1 map and 5 pages of keys. Thus, one subject page has 13 scans.

A list of the subject pages for the Standard Edition can be found at this link.

Q: What are the differences between the three printed K1 adventures?

A: The First Print is 40 pages and over 18,000 words - that is a little larger than G3 Hall of the Fire Giant King which comes in at 16 pages and 17,000 words. The Deluxe and Collector's Prints include an all new encounter area, Tower of Night! The additional encounter area adding about 1,000 words. Additionally, the Collector's Print is both signed and numbered by Rob Kuntz.

Q: How big are the K1 module booklets, and do they include the maps and keys?

A: Physically, the booklets have 40 pages and measure 4 3/4 by 7 1/4 inches. The adventure contains the keys, a diagram, and pre-generated characters but the high resolution scans of Rob's original hand-drawn map and legend that go with it are only in the the Archive. However, you can purchase K1 Sunken City: First Print without any edition of the Archive and then download the Map Pack for free. So far we have 3 modules in the line-up!

Q: Are there any sample files available to view/read to help know what they look like (and if they are even readable)?

A: Find below an image snippet of a map.
  Sample snippet from a scan of a map

Q: Are there difference in the historical commentary between editions?

A: No,

There is no difference in the commentary on the overlapping subject matter between the editions.

Q: Are any of the files complete adventures that can be run immediately,  or will they require the DM to do additional work beyond reading the files?

A: Many of the adventures can be run from what is included on the Archive using Old School DM'ing, as Rob often wrote detailed keys but you won't find stat blocks for most monsters other than hit points. An example is included below.

Sample Map Key

Q: Do the scans include transcriptions?

A: No. These are Rob's original hand-drawn maps and hand-written notes. However, a substantial amount of interesting details are written up in the commentary, and it is this commentary that is indexed and cross-linked. That is over 7,000 linked entries and 1,500 index entries. (See the reply to the above question for a sample of Rob's hand-written text.)

Q: What are PC/Mac program/system requirements to use the Archive contents?

A: The Archive is viewable with any reasonably modern Web Browser on any reasonably modern system (including Tablets, Smart Phones, Etc.). Some of the maps are quite large (76 MB, 7461x9185px, 300dpi) and could strain really old systems.

Q: How is fulfillment and shipping being managed.

A: Fulfillment and shipping are being handled by The Collector's Trove in the United States. The Collector's Trove has a very high reputation among collectors and provides quality packaging and quick shipping.

Q: How much is shipping to non-US destinations?

A: It would depend upon what was being purchased, but as an example: K1 Sunken City alone or the Basic or Standard Edition would cost $15.00 USD each, and the Deluxe and Collector's Editions would cost $25.00 USD each. The difference is based strictly on weight.

Q: Can the Archive files be printed?

A: Yes. The files can be printed, although Rob used color-coding on most of his maps, so printing them off in black and white will make them difficult to read.

Q: Can the Archive files be moved off of the DVD/USB and stored on a computer?

A: Yes and this will actually speed up the performance of the Archive for most users. Instructions on how to do this are included on a technical sheet enclosed with each copy of the Archive.

Q: At what resolution are the documents scanned?

A: The original documents have been scanned at 300 dpi.


Q: When trying to access the Archive pages, I receive a message like the following, "Internet Explorer restricted this web page from running scripts or Active X controls." Is this an error with the Archive?

A: No. This is a security warning given by browsers that have restrictions placed upon the running of Active Content, as such content can be a security risk, and this specific warning allows the user to decide if the content is expected to be trustworthy or not. Additionally, when the browser is told to Allow Blocked Content, the Archive code is taken back to the main menu (index.html) page and there are no further error messages for that session. This is normal behavior, at least for Microsoft Internet Explorer.


Q: When I copied the Archive to my hard drive, the thumbnails appear fine, but I am getting 404 Errors from my browser when trying to access the full size images.

A: The Archive structure uses long paths that when combined with being copied into a deep directory location, e.g. c:\my stuff\gaming\role playing\old school\el raja key archive\, cause the Archive code that manages accessing the full size images from within the thumbnail carousel to operate improperly due to Operating System limitations. If your situation seems to match this, try moving the Archive closer to the root directory.