El Raja Key Archive Selection Guide

We have put together this handy guide to aid our customers in selecting which edition of the El Raja Key Archive they would like to purchase. When you are ready to select or desire more details click on the edition name at the top of the table below:


El Raja Key Archive Edition





Standard DVD or USB

K1 First Print

K1 Deluxe Print

K1 Collector's Print

The Standard DVD or USB comes with keys and notes of 40+ original adventures and dungeon levels, as well as, timelines, historical documents, campaign maps, keys, notes, magic items, spells, and NPC and PC sheets.

K1 Sunken City First Print is the regular version of the module with a green cover. This comes with all three editions of the Archive and is also available separately from our Three Little Books Adventures line.

K1 Sunken City Deluxe Print has the content of the First Print but has a dark-blue cover and a new encounter area - Tower of Night! This only comes in the Deluxe or Collector's Edition.

K1 Sunken City Collector's Print has the content of the Deluxe Print but has a light-blue cover and is numbered and autographed by Rob Kuntz! This only comes in the Collector's Edition and only 100 will ever be numbered and sold.

Don't Forget! Make sure to choose if you want your copy of the Archive on a DVD or on a USB Flash Drive. You can select this by clicking on the area just above the purple "Add to Cart" button!