Adventurer's Map

Adventurer's Map of Lake Geneva

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Adventurer's Map of Lake Geneva. This Dungeons & Dragons® style map and key takes characters of all levels on a adventure through space and time to discover the legacy of Gary Gygax’s life in Lake Geneva. Designed and meticulously researched by D&D® historian, Paul Stormberg; this map and key present a real adventure through the life of Gary Gygax, the history of the creation of Dungeons & Dragons®, and the founding of TSR Hobbies, Inc. to publish it.

The Adventurer's Map to Lake Geneva is an essential piece of equipment for you and your party of explorers to find the real treasures of Lake Geneva!

With over 40 entries this adventure will take 3 hours on foot and 1 hour by cart... err... car. No true D&D® fan should visit Lake Geneva without it!

All profits will be donated to the Gygax Memorial Fund (