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Role-Playing Game Golden Age Poster

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Role-Playing Game Golden Age Poster

In November, 1972 a meeting between two creative geniuses to play a simple game unleashed a wave of creativity that would forever change the world. Gary Gygax would sit down with Dave Arneson and friends to play a game of Blackmoor, the world's first role-playing game. The experience opened Gary's eyes to a whole new genre of game, a game heretofore unrealized by humanity.

Rob Kuntz was at this event and would become a student, protege, and master of role-playing games, keeping many of his notes, ideas, and designs in his legendary Red Book.

Arneson's Blackmoor would lead to Gygax's Greyhawk, and then to Kuntz's Kalibruhn. Like a torch being passed the idea of the roleplaying game was handed down from one seeker to another. The light of this wisdom would ultimately be formed into DUNGEONS & DRAGONS®. It would soon set the world ablaze with imagination and creativity, spawning a phenomena that would change the world.

When Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson passed, so to did the torch pass to Rob Kuntz to carry on the brilliance of that idea. Now that torch is passed on to you.

This 18 x 24 inch glossy poster commemorates Rob's Red Book and that moment in time when the torch was passed.

The poster is available here, separately, or may be combined with Rob's monograph on the event that would lead to the dawn of role-playing games & DUNGEONS & DRAGONS®: The Game That Changed Everything Deluxe Set.

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