El Raja Key Archive Standard Edition

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The El Raja Key Archive is a treasury of images of Dungeons & Dragons® (D&D®) materials created by Robert J. Kuntz. Rob was there when Dungeons & Dragons was created and with the El Raja Key Archive you have the opportunity of a lifetime to peek behind the veil of history to play and discover what it was like in those early days of D&D through the artifacts of time.

We offer the El Raja Key Archive in two different editions: STANDARD ● DELUXE. (All COLLECTOR editions have been sold.) All are compatible with the adventure modules from our Three Little Books Adventure line, and companion maps from our Cartographer's Guild.

The Standard Edition of the El Raja Key Archive is for the gamer, designer, historian, and researcher. 

The Standard Edition includes:

  • A print copy of the K1 Sunken City: First Print Adventure module by Rob Kuntz, the first ever D&D tournament module played at GenCon VIII in 1975. Map is downloadable here.

 Plus the El Raja Key Archive DVD or USB, containing:

  • 1000+ images of Dungeons & Dragons® (D&D®) materials created by Rob Kuntz for his World of Kalibruhn, his and Gary Gygax's original Greyhawk® campaign, Dave Arneson's Blackmoor campaign, and M.A.R. Barker's Empire of the Petal Throne
  • Original maps for nearly 40 adventures from dawn of the D&D®
  • Original keys for a quarter of these adventures usable immediately for old school gaming
  • 100+ original maps (including dozens of regional and area detail maps)
  • Original PCs and NPCs
  • Original campaign notes
  • 100+ original magic items
  • Timelines for original Kalibruhn and Greyhawk® campaigns
  • Historical documents and memoirs of game play
  • Full-color artwork
  • Maps & some keys for Rob's Castle El Raja Key, one of the three dungeons used in the playtest of D&D; and where Gary Gygax started and played as Mordenkainen
  • Maps, keys, and notes for over 40 adventures from the original Greyhawk and Kalibruhn campaigns
  • Maps & some keys for 16 of Rob's original Greyhawk Castle® levels
  • Map for the first ever D&D demo, the Machine Level, from GenCon VII in 1974
  • Rob's manuscript for his unpublished Dungeons & Dragons® Supplement V: Kalibruhn
  • NPC cards, character sheets, and adventure maps and keys for the Original City of Greyhawk® and surrounding area of the original Wild Coast

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