The Game That Changed Everything

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The Game That Changed Everything

This monograph by Robert J. Kuntz is a 12 page, full color, glossy booklet, with full color art and figures. It  lavishly recalls and details the event that led to the creation of DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® in the early 1970s.

In November, 1972 a meeting between two creative geniuses to play a simple game unleashed a wave of creativity that would forever change the world. Gary Gygax would sit down with Dave Arneson and friends to play a game of Blackmoor, the world's first role-playing game. The experience opened Gary's eyes to a whole new genre of game, a game heretofore unrealized by humanity. This moment in time would ultimately lead to the creation of the world's first published role-playing game, DUNGEONS & DRAGONS®.

Never before has the dawn of DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® been so explicitly examined. The details of this event horizon have only been examined in a cursory fashion, a mere flash of the true brilliance of the event. Journey through time with Robert J. Kuntz and his eidetic memory of that evening to paint the experience in vivid colors. So too, Rob brings his years of game design and study of game theory to retroactively provide an analysis of the significance of those events.

The Game That Changed Everything is available here, separately, or may be combined with our 18 x 24 inch glossy poster that commemorates Rob's Red Book and that moment in time when the torch was passed: The Game That Changed Everything Deluxe Set.

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