The Sewers & Catacombs Map Poster

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The Sewers & Catacombs Map Poster

Add some old school cool to the walls of your game room, home office, or your game collection with maps from the dawn of role-playing games — when Dungeons had Dragons!

This 18" x 24" poster features the original The Sewers & Catacombs map on beautiful, glossy heavy-stock paper, eminently suitable for framing.  Includes a brief historical synopsis along the bottom edge.

The The Sewers & Catacombs map was hand drawn map by Robert J. Kuntz in 1979. The cartography represents a culmination of his efforts as Gary Gygax's co-Dungeon Master® in the original GREYHAWK® campaign, detailing the vast, labyrinthine tunnels, cellars, sewers, and catacombs beneath the CITY OF GREYHAWK® proper. The map links smugglers, cultists, monsters, and traps to the wizards, lords, thieves, priests, and officials of the city above.

This dungeon map is a work of old school art and demonstrate the true genius of master, mega-dungeon cartographer, Rob Kuntz!

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