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K1 Sunken City: First Print by Rob Kuntz

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K1 Sunken City: First Print by Rob Kuntz

K1 Sunken City: First Print by Rob Kuntz, is a Three Little Books Adventure for 6-9 characters of 8th to 10th level. The adventure is a 40 page, smaller than digest-sized, booklet with a sturdy, separate, card stock cover. Pre-generated characters are provided, complete with statistics, magic-items, equipment, and spells.

Several of these pre-generated characters were the first to set foot in the Sunken City and others are based on characters that played in Rob Kuntz's original games. Terry Kuntz played Jyber, the brother of Cyber, Eric Shook played Othlinden, James Goodfellow, Knospe Vyser, Tim Jiardini, Leor, and the others, well, you'll have to figure them out yourself!

This is a much expanded version of Rob Kuntz's original 1975, GenCon VIII single-round tournament adventure. Listed in the original GenCon VIII program as "D&D for Prizes" with the convention's chairman, Rob Kuntz, listed as the referee.

This module requires the high resolution scan of the original hand-drawn map and key found on the El Raja Key Archive. The map shows 23 numbered encounter areas (with innumerable potential unkeyed encounters) within the city—a treacherous assortment of half-sunken ruins with lurking dangers, fabulous treasures, and fathomless mysteries to raise! At over 40 years old this tournament adventure is ready to challenge a new generation of players!

If you do not own the El Raja Key Archive or plan to purchase it with this module you may still download the individual map from our Cartographer's Guild for free!

This is the first in a series of collectable modules designed to be compatible with the materials on the El Raja Key Archive. Created by Rob Kuntz, one of the formative forces of the Dungeon & Dragons game itself!

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