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K3a Journey to the City of Brass

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K3a Journey to the City of Brass

Coming in March 2021!

K3a Journey to the City of Brass by Rob Kuntz, will be a Three Little Books Adventure for 6-9 characters of 8th to 10th level. The adventure will be a smaller than digest-sized, 32+ page adventure booklet with a sturdy, separate, card stock cover. Included within are background information for players, game master notes, map key, and pre-generated character statistics.

This adventure sets the adventurers on a mission to rescue a djinni guardian of time. Their journey will take them across the burning wastes of the Elemental Plane of Fire to the very gates of the City of Brass! The conclusion to this adventure may be found in K3b Into to the City of Brass.

This adventure reprises the original RPGA AD&D tournament, To the City of Brass, originally played at Dragon Con '87! As Rob was beginning the final round of that tournament who should show up? None other than Gary Gygax himself! He sat down next to Rob and together, as they had done many a time in the original Greyhawk campaign, refereed the adventure!

This module will require the high resolution scan of the original hand-drawn map and key found on the El Raja Key Archive.

If you do not own the El Raja Key Archive or plan to purchase it with this module you may still purchase the individual map from our Digital Map Downloads.

This is the part of a series of collectable modules designed to be compatible with the materials on the El Raja Key Archive. Created by Rob Kuntz, one of the formative forces of the Dungeon & Dragons game itself!

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